AMC Security - Clean & Boost 5.10.4

AMC Security - Clean & Boost 5.10.4
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2019-04-29 17:24:37

And super cool interface with over 12 extraordinary security features to clean up and optimize Android devices. With millions of downloads from Google Play, it's at the top of Android's top security apps, and all Having it on your phone or tablet, users can get rid of all malware, malware, viruses and all other malicious files! The speed of scanning and detecting viruses by the software is admirable, and in seconds you can scan more than 1 GB of your memory and try to remove malicious files with just one touch! Yes, this application is not just an antivirus or a tool to remove viruses; its fantastic features allow you to have a completely safe and smart phone, get the Killer feature to close programs, Blocking calls and SMS to get rid of intruders! Get started with the latest app updates! Some features of the AMC Security application - Clean Boost Android: Ability to scan your mobile memory files and folders with just one touch of powerful keylogger to close all games and programs running in the background Have the features and settings to optimize your smartphone's battery life and extend the life of the system. Anti-Surveillance Security to stop spyware Anti-theft system to track phone lost by account and website Backup functions for backing up contacts or contacts With the Game Speeder function to increase device power and Enhance the performance of the App Manager's extraordinary volumes for action Different configurations on files Call and SMS blocking system with 3 blocking modes with user-selectable functions Hiding photos, videos, files to prevent other users from accessing English, Italian, French , Hungarian, Indonesian, Portuguese, , Croatian, etc. AMC Security - Clean Boost is available for free and has been downloaded by around 50 million users worldwide today and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, which we now offer in Forex with direct links. You put; the version of the app that is released for download is the latest and most recent version of the program. V5.10.4 version changes: * Bug fixes and performance improvements + Added new features.

AMC Security - Clean & Boost 5.10.4
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