FaceApp 3.4.0

FaceApp 3.4.0
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2019-05-28 00:08:33

If you are a member of the social networking community, especially Instagram, these days you will see beautiful collages from different people. In each image, the person's face is older or younger. FaceApp is a professional app for creating attractive images of your faces by respected users, released by the Wireless Lab Studio for Android. With the support of a very powerful AI, Facebook supports the faces of individuals easily and makes significant changes to them. Several different modes are included in this unmatched app that each mode changes the images in a unique way. Make your face older years old or make yourself younger for several years. Also, this powerful AI with Smile Detection provides users with two laughs that you can only make a deep and attractive smile on your face by selecting each one. The description of this app is not only end here because one of the most important features and unique features, yet fun, is the change of face to the opposite sex! It's best to know that the changes made to the images are very natural and realistic, and it's hard to notice the interference of artificial intelligence in the images. Some features of the Android FaceApp app: Adding two different smile modes to high-speed images in analyzing images uploaded to the server High security and enough to keep users' data older or younger The unique ability to transform sex through AI is incredibly retouched automatically and from Removing wrinkles on face. Precise sorting of different modes for making changes to images. Creating attractive and unique collages in the main face of the FaceApp application app as one of the finest AIs and image editing, as well as a full The most sought after software of today's social networks has been able to pay Within the $ 3.99 network, you will get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 that you can now get the latest version of the Premium version without having to pay in-line payments from the FarsiGame site. Important note : The new version of the security program has increased and the program is not hacked - do not follow the professional and hacked version of this app. V3.4.0 version changes: * Program problems fixed + Various optimizations.

FaceApp 3.4.0
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