Farm Heroes Super Saga 1.20.4 + Mod

Farm Heroes Super Saga 1.20.4 + Mod
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2019-05-28 00:10:21

.4 out of 5.0 and over 50 million downloads from Google's Big Market Tested offline Farm Heroes Super Saga - The Farm Farm Super Heroes Epic is a new series of Farm Heroes from the King King Studios for Android devices released for free on Polestore. And up to this moment, it has received 50 million downloads by Android users around the world. In this game you have to put together at least three or more identical items, eliminate them and leave the steps one after the other! This time in your Farm Heroes game you will come across colorful and funny fruits that come with your phone for the second time and with version 2 to tell the story of the first series with more attractive graphics! The game style is very simple and fun, and the presence of cheerful graphics also makes the game fun both for adults and for children for hours or even days! The age of the game is 3+ years old, so you can safely give it to your children! If you're an enthusiast of Android puzzle games that have a great design and worth downloading, do not miss the Farm Heroes Super Saga. Some features of the fantastic puzzle game Farm Heroes Super Saga Android: Includes over 100 awesome new levels Different game modes: Farmtastic and cropsies Presence of delicious fruits Different music and sound extra HD graphics with unique design with start Farm Heroes Super Saga Each stage in the upper part contains the various fruits to be collected, and each box contains the number of items needed to be collected. For example, if you see a carrot photo with a number 9 on the box, it means that you need to get the desired number by removing 9 carrots!Farm Heroes has over 100 appealing and lovely stages, and during the game, there are secret and mysterious items that you can accidentally remove by eliminating the fruits. The colorful look and hearty graphics have also made Farm Heroes Super Saga not a boring or even-fledged game, and this charming environment alongside the HD gameplay has brought the Farm Heroes visual effects to the best! You can first view the images and the trailer of this game and if you want to download the game with the free version of the game with the free version ... Version changes v1.20.4: * Added new chapter with 15 new steps + Different optimizations.

Farm Heroes Super Saga 1.20.4 + Mod
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