Stickman Revenge 3 v1.4.2 + Mod

Stickman Revenge 3 v1.4.2 + Mod
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2019-05-14 23:20:50

No ads) The game runs offline Stickman Revenge 3 is the third version of the popular, fun and exciting game Steakman's revenge from the Zonmob Tech., Ltd. Play Production Studio for free Android devices that are released for free on the PlayStation Store. Over 500,000 times downloaded by Android users around the world.Stickman Revenge has put revenge on the tricks of Stickman, the most important element of the success of the titles of this franchise can be called the fast and bloody rhythm of their gameplay! Runner's title, the only player's responsibility for early jerks and the killing of negative characters is limited; these days, many people do not have the patience to think about a game and they are more likely to try to get the most out of their short-term leisure with the titles of their smartphones. So without any intellectual concerns you can have a very enjoyable and bloody experience! There are 3 characters with specific abilities in the game that you can choose from among them one and start playing with him! You can first view the images and the trailer of this interesting title and download if you wish. In the third version of the game, as in previous versions, its main character moves and you can only smash enemies with sword blows or using special powers! Every ordinary enemy is struck by a blow; we said it was ordinary, because at the end of the stages there is a chairman! The combination of colors is more in harmony with each other, and the backgrounds are prettier than the past; the studio's vibrant studio does not limit all the improvements to the same two elements, and the visual quality of the environments has slightly increased! Despite this visual appeal, the musical view of music may have a lot to do with the atmosphere of the game, but unfortunately it is short and after a while it will be repeated! Stickman Revenge 3 is currently rated 4.5 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation. We have released the latest and most recent version of Farsi with the mods for download, and you can choose and download one of them. V1.4.2 version changes: * Various optimizations and game fixes.

Stickman Revenge 3 v1.4.2 + Mod
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