Wallpixel - 4K HD & Amoled Wallpapers Premium 2.69

Wallpixel - 4K HD & Amoled Wallpapers Premium 2.69
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4.4 / 5 - 2288 total on Play Store
2019-04-30 17:37:09

A program worth $ 0.99. We offer you Farsi enthusiasts. One of the tips that smart device users need to pay special attention to is the choice of a wallpaper, because a colorful and detailed wallpaper can be significantly Increases battery life and reduces battery life. Hence, there are specially designed wallpapers for these displays, which, along with the simplicity of the extraordinary beauty. Wallpixel - 4K HD Amoled Wallpapers Premium is an Android-based HD wallpaper app released by Hackdrip and released on Google Play. The above program helps you get a great selection of wallpapers with a huge database of wallpapers, and make the most of your display quality. As we have explained, part of the wallpapers in this collection are emuld images that will reduce battery consumption. There is an intelligent system in this startup that changes the wallpapers completely automatically. One of the most prominent features of this starter app is the lack of cutting or changing the size of the images when selecting them, which suggests the high quality of the final result. Unlike many similar tools, the images in this collection are placed in a variety of categories so that you can find your favorite wallpaper within a short time. Some features of the Wallpixel app - Android 4K HD Amoled Wallpapers:Access to a huge collection of emuldi and HD wallpapers Smart system Auto-change background image No-cut or change the size of the wallpapers when selecting them as wallpaper All-wallpapers for a quick and easy search Mark pictures Favorites WallPixel - WallPixel - 4K HD Amoled Wallpapers - Continuously updated WallPixel WallPixel Wallpapers - With 4K HD and Amoled Wallpapers - With its various features, 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users that you can now Get the most up-to-date version of this Premium without any restrictions on direct links to Forex. Changelog v2.69: * Resolve program problems 0 by Google Plus users, and now you can get the latest Premium version without any restrictions on direct links to Forex. Changelog v2.69: * Resolve program problems 0 by Google Plus users, and now you can get the latest Premium version without any restrictions on direct links to Forex. Changelog v2.69: * Resolve program problems.

Wallpixel - 4K HD & Amoled Wallpapers Premium 2.69
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